2019 Annual Campaign

Give what feels good, 100% of the time.

At Beit Rabban, we aim high.  For ourselves and our kids.  It takes more than $3 million a year to run our amazing school, even on the tightest of budgets.  Tuition helps with costs, but like nearly all private schools, it just doesn’t cover everything. Over the course of the year we have to raise an additional $800,000, or about $7,000 per child.  So to make the magic happen, (and let’s face it, to help pay our Manhattan rent), Beit Rabban parents, grandparents, alumni and friends come together as a community to pool our resources and cover the shortfall.

This is our Annual Campaign, and we are aiming for 100% participation.  Give what feels good. A reasonable but meaningful stretch for your family.  For some families that’s $18. For others, it may be closer to $1,800, or $18,000, or more.  Whatever makes sense for you.

Why do we hope you’ll pitch in?  Because at Beit Rabban that’s what we do.  We do what we can to show up for each other.  100% of the time.

Join us by giving today. And, thank you!