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The Beit Rabban Parent Association (BRPA) seeks to activate the empathy we have for each other, to bring us together to share in the celebration of community, and to foster the strength we can offer one another in good moments, and challenging ones, too. We do this by providing avenues for parents to help cultivate our culture, often in collaboration with our school administration, in direct and meaningful ways – through our programming, through staff appreciation, and through the many little points of light that add up to form a fulfilling school year for Beit Rabban families and faculty.

Beit Rabban Parent Association dues are covered as part of BRDS tuition. We use those dues to pay for a variety of activities. Some of them include:

  • Sending Support (such as meals, groceries, kid-friendly activities) to our families through our Caring Community Initiative.

  • Communal Programming like the Welcome Back Picnic, gatherings around Chagim, Salon Beit Rabban (which showcases our wide-ranging and wise parent body), and other events that enlist external experts to teach about topics relevant to our parents.

  • Hakarat HaTov – Staff Appreciation, such as gifts and occasional lunches for our fabulous faculty and staff. 

  • Acting as resources and advocates to benefit the community as a whole. 

Our parent body is filled with a broad range of professionals, scholars, artists and creatives, and we showcase our community and get to know one another through our events. We have offered parenting workshops on hard topics like digital citizenship, child safety, first aid and CPR, and fun stuff to do along with our children, like running clubs, book festivals, cooking classes, and paint nights. We also use parent dues for teacher appreciation, and we help to craft fundraisers for the enrichment of our students’ academic experience. Some of our fundraising activities include our weekly Challah program, Mishloach Manot, and our read-a thon. Overall, the parent association works as a nexus for the community, allowing us to support each other through moments of strife and celebrations of milestones, big and small.

The BRPA is stewarded by parent volunteers who serve as officers of the BRPA Executive Board. While our structure is flat, board leadership represents each of our distinct schools: our Gan, our Kevutzvot, and the Chativah, our Middle School. There are lots of ways for parents to be involved in the BRPA, including as Class Parents, Committee Chairs, and Event Coordinators. 


BRPA 2023-2024 Leadership Committee


Michael Ausubel

Kevutzot Parent


Ilene Scholnick Ausubel

Kevutzot Parent

Rachael Schwartz

Kevutzot Parent


Tali Schwartz 

Gan Parent


Jennifer Zwiebel 

Kevutzot & Chativah Parent


We would love for all our Beit Rabban parents to be involved in the BRPA. Please contact us at if you have any questions or want to find out more. 

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