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Middle School (5th-8th Grade)

In our Chativah program, fifth through eighth grade students are continuously asked to make personal meaning of their learning and to take leadership roles within the school in concrete ways. Beit Rabban students are prepared for high school with high level academic and student skills, an understanding of themselves as learners and as community members, and with the tools to be lifelong Jewish learners and community members. 



  • Curriculum centered on four essential questions, studied through all subject areas:

    • Fifth Grade: Who am I and where did I come from?

    • Sixth Grade: What do I believe?

    • Seventh Grade: What is my American, Jewish, and Zionist identity?

    • Eighth Grade: How do I make a difference?

  • Science curriculum based on hands-on investigations, each framed as a creative and analytic “enterprise of discovery.”

  • Annual grade level overnight travel connected to essential questions.

  • Tanakh and Toshba (rabbinic texts) programs that include both b’iyun (in-depth with exegesis) and b’kiyut (broad content coverage) learning, with emphasis on independent text skills and chevrutah work, and heavily differentiated to challenge/scaffold students with varied Hebrew skills.

  • Comprehensive mentorship/advisory program.

  • Math curriculum that includes rich visual and symbolic model-building with concrete and digital manipulatives. Instruction is language-rich, intentionally cooperative, and conceptual versus procedural. 

  • Leveled math instruction that caters to each students’ learning profile, including advanced learning tracks. 

  • Weekly Service Learning period (Sheirut Kehilati).

  • Proficiency approach to Hebrew instruction in leveled groups, including a track for native speakers.

  • Daily co-curricular classes.

  • Humanities curriculum that integrates English language arts and history with an emphasis on evidenced-based learning and textual analysis through the use of primary and secondary sources.

  • Monthly outdoor, nature learning program (PARDES) - Place, Adventure, Responsibility, Discovery & Environmental Stewardship 

  • Four-year, spiraling executive functioning curriculum focusing on student skills like note taking, studying, and preparing research projects.

  • Intentional use of technology.

  • Four-year, spiraling Briyut: Healthy Living curriculum that covers physical, mental, emotional and sexual health and wellness, and digital citizenship.

  • Prioritization of teacher-student-parent communication and partnership, including regular teacher-parent communication and student-parent-teacher conferences.

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