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Early Childhood


Our Gan provides 2.9-5 year old children with a joyful and loving learning experience. We nurture children’s curiosity, building on their ideas and questions in order to create natural learning opportunities for them. Students experience the rhythms of the Jewish calendar and become acquainted with sippurei Torah, the foundational stories of our Jewish tradition. Hebrew immersion is a critical feature of our program with one native-Hebrew speaking teacher speaking b’Ivrit to the children at all times. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education, teachers guide students in taking risks, learning to experiment, practicing communication skills, and making meaningful connections.




  • Emergent curriculum that follows student interests.

  • Immersive Hebrew environment.

  • Integrated Jewish life and learning, with emphasis on tefillah (prayer), Torah stories, and holidays.

  • Rich emergent-literacy curriculum based on cutting-edge science of reading.

  • Extensive outdoor play and exploration, using Central Park as a second classroom.

  • Integrated and distinct music and art education.

  • Participation in the whole-school community through cross-grade programs.

  • Deep parent partnerships, including daily communication.

  • Experienced educators who combine warmth, expertise, and intuition.

  • Teachers participate in ongoing professional development.

  • Seamless pathway to Kindergarten.

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