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Elementary (K-4th Grade)

Our Kevutzot program provides kindergarten through fourth grade students with a rigorous and joyful learning environment, one in which each child is deeply known. Integrating Judaic and secular studies throughout the day, teachers nurture the academic, emotional, and spiritual growth of their students. 


  • Intensive Jewish text-study guided by The Standards for Fluency in Jewish Text and Practice, a curriculum developed in partnership with The Hadar Institute. 

  • Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI).

  • Structured literacy program with explicit and systematic teaching of all aspects of English Language Arts.

  • Singapore Math program that requires students to think through concepts and apply them in new ways from the moment they are introduced to a new unit. Instead of relying on simple replication, students are pushed to greater engagement and broader thinking.

  • Intentionally limited technology.

  • Project-based interdisciplinary period with emphasis on social studies and science.

  • Hebrew program focused on the acquisition of modern Hebrew and connection to Israeli culture, emphasizing the four core language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

  • Character development curriculum emphasizing self awareness, respectful discourse, conflict resolution and community building.

  • Briyut: Healthy Living program covering physical and mental health and wellness.

  • Purposeful homework.

  • Small group instruction and differentiation in all subjects.

  • New York City as a second classroom, with daily recess in Riverside Park and regular educational field trips.

  • Thoughtful assessment and documentation using a multiplicity of research-based tools.

  • Community service that is integrated into our interdisciplinary curriculum.

  • Two co-teachers in each class.

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