A look inside a Beit Rabban classroom is compelling. Our approach to education is about facilitating integrated learning so that students are equally at home in studying Jewish texts, practicing scientific experimentation, speaking Hebrew, exploring literature, examining art history and much more. Students practice thinking about the world in a multi-dimensional manner and are exposed to the problem-solving tools and perspectives of many disciplines such that over time they develop an arsenal of learning skills and habits of the mind. 

Another key component to our education is the diversity of our school community. We think this diversity is extremely valuable in that students in our classrooms learn to articulate different positions, understand varying perspectives and respectfully listen to a variety of ideas.

Ultimately, our integrated approach in concert with our diverse community fosters graduates who enjoy high-level academic and critical thinking skills and a mastery of Jewish source texts and Hebrew language. Beyond this, our graduates possess the confidence to be leaders and are primed to contribute to shaping the 21st century Jewish community and to live deeply rewarding and successful lives.

Our Philosophy

An education should reinforce a child’s natural curiosity and provide them with the skills to discover their own answers. It should also prepare them for real life. That is what Beit Rabban Day School does, we prepare our students for real life. In life, we don’t go from class to class calling upon only one skill at a time. We don’t spend our mornings thinking about secular ideas and our afternoons thinking about Jewish ideas. Real life is dynamic. Real life is integrated. At Beit Rabban Day School, we believe that learning should mirror life, that an education should cultivate the whole child and that school should serve as a safe but challenging environment where students can learn how to thrive out in the world.

Our Methodology

In realizing our vision, we’ve broken free from the traditional Jewish education paradigm. Our school is one of only a handful of schools in the United States without separate Judaic Studies and General Studies departments. We’re the perfect choice for parents who want their children to deeply engaged with source texts, aim for fluency in Hebrew language and value spiritual growth but don’t want the dogmatic attitudes that sometimes accompany Judaic learning.

At Beit Rabban Day School students spend their days in nurturing and intimate classrooms; their studies weaving seamlessly through topics such as Mishna, English literature, liturgy, algebra, ancient history and more. We reject the idea that these need to be taught solely as discrete subjects and so our classrooms function holistically, with classes studying elements of all subjects as they relate to a larger theme. Students spend time in deep group discussions and collaborative endeavors as well as independent skill reinforcement work. Our ultimate goal is that our students learn more than just subjects, they learn how to examine different ideas through a variety of lenses.

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