Thank you! Erev Thanksgiving Day Parade PARADE

November 20, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from Beit Rabban students and teachers to all the helpers in our community! Enjoy this slideshow from our first annual Erev Thanksgiving Parade PARADE, Mizad Hahodayah!

We have spent the past couple weeks at Beit Rabban preparing for Thanksgiving, using the holiday  as a hook to stretch our capacity for gratitude: to b e more mindful of opportunities to feel grateful and to give thanks; to look closely and recognize those around us who deserve thanks; and to understand that our Jewish tradition provides many rituals for ongoing expressions of thanksgiving, specifically berachot, blessings. All  classes used community meetings to identify a particular person or neighborhood helper whom they wanted to collectively thank.  Each class engaged in a design challenge to develop a Shoebox-O-Thanks for the person/s they selected. These special people included: 

  • Our office administrator, Connor
  • Our maintenance manager, Ruben
  • Our security guard, James
  • People who work in Sabba's Pizza and deliver to us every Friday
  • The librarian at our local library who we visit regularly
  • Our local police station
  • Our local fire station
  • Our local Starbucks baristas
  • Our city council representative's office

Little did students (or parents) know that we would be delivering these Shoeboxes-O-Thanks ALL TOGETHER & via our first annual Erev Thanksgiving Day Parade PARADE!

We are so proud of our students for the joy they spread today as they delivered their boxes around the neighborhood. Cars honked in support, people waved, others cheered and wished us Happy Thanksgiving. The neighborhood helpers we visited were overwhelmed with gratitude at the experienced of being publicly recognized and thanked by Beit Rabban students and teachers. 

It obviously feels incredible to be thanked. The amazing thing that we all experienced today is that the act of thanking others feels even better.