Gan (Early Childhood Center):
Regular program: 8:15am to 2:00pm (1:30pm on Fridays)
Early dismissal: 8:15am to 12:30pm
Optional after-school activities: 2:00-3:30 (Monday - Thursday)

Kevutzot (Elementary School):
Regular program: 8:15am – 3:30pm (1:30pm on Fridays)
Early drop-off: 8:00am
Optional after-school activities: 3:30-4:45 (Monday - Thursday)

4th & 5th Grade have a late day 1 day a week until 4:30 PM.

*Times subject to change before holidays and snow-days. Please read the weekly newsletter and visit the school’s website and Facebook group for real-time announcements.

Gan (Early Childhood Program):
2:30pm – 3:30pm (Monday – Thursday)

Kevutzot (Elementary School):
3:30 – 4:45 pm (Monday – Thursday)

A classroom teacher provides supervision, snack and transitional activity between the end of the school day and the beginning of after-school programs.

Before children turn three, we understand that they may not be toilet trained. Our goal is for children to become toilet trained as quickly as possible, and our teachers are supportive in the process of children learning to use the bathroom. The policy of the school for children over three is that children should be almost or fully toilet trained. Parents of children who are newly toilet trained should meet with the teachers at the start of the school year to discuss this. While children are adjusting to school it may be appropriate for children to wear pull-ups at school. If a child continues to have frequent accidents the Gan Director will arrange a meeting with parents to determine next steps. Children should be fully toilet trained if they attend the full day program

In general, children applying to the Gan (Early Childhood) should be at least 2 years and 8 months on the first day of school; children entering Kindergarten should be five in September of the year they enter. Exceptions are made as we evaluate each child to determine readiness for our school and use these evaluations to inform placement decisions.

Free busing is available for most students beginning in Kindergarten through the New York City Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT). Bus service is coordinated taking into account the age of your child(ren), the distance from your home to the school and the total number of students along your route.

Gan (Early Childhood) students are not eligible for busing, families must arrange their own transportation to and from school.

Please call us if you have questions or concerns about transportation.

The Gan (Early Childhood Center):
Ages 2.8-4: Two full time teachers with 8-12 children
Age 4-5: Two full-time teachers with 12-16 children

Kevutzot (Elementary):
Class size averages 12-18 children
Smaller classes contain one full-time teacher and additional push-in instructors depending upon the subject and the number of small learning groups.
Larger classes contain two full-time teachers and additional push-in instructors depending on the subject.

All Kevutzot classes divide into smaller learning groups at various times for reading, writing, math, Hebrew, and Chumash.