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Our School Year Siyyum

In Jewish tradition, we come together at the culmination of a unit of study to celebrate the learning, recognize the accomplishment, and affirm our commitment to keep going! When we finish a section of Jewish study, we host a festive gathering- a Siyyum. Usually, the person or people who have studied the unit share some words of Torah based on their learning and recite the "Hadran."

On this last week of the 5783 school year, we have a lot to recognize and celebrate. With the incredibly hard work of our administration, board members, lay leadership, and staff, we celebrated our last day in two buildings and look forward to re-opening school in our new home on 89 Street in one building for our entire community!

We asked all students to reflect on their learnings this year. I invite you all to enjoy the inspiration and nachas by reading student reflections on this school year (in their own 3-14-year-old words), which are copied verbatim (see use of term "learnful") at the end of this message. As a Beit Rabban educator and parent, these responses definitely affirm my commitment to keep going!

What is something you feel proud of learning this year?

  • Sipurei Torah.

  • How to use a screwdriver.

  • Hebrew.

  • Hebrew, fishing, and changing my own clothes.

  • We learned about how to talk in English and Hebrew. We built things that are really cool. We learned how to read books.

  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

  • How to write my name.

  • I learned about princesses. I learned about flowers and about how bees take sweet stuff from flowers.

  • Nick Cave and his sound suits.

  • Crustaceans.

  • To taste marror. To build cool structures.

  • How to make new friends.

  • I learned digraphs and suffixes, and bonus letters.

  • It was hard to listen before.

  • Before, I could not write in Hebrew.

  • I learned the comparing symbols.

  • I can speak more than a sentence in Hebrew.

  • I learned how to write a nonfiction story.

  • I learned how to read in English.

  • I learned how to use a TIDE planner.

  • I learned math equations.

  • I learned how to tell time.

  • Before school, I could not read.

  • I learned to write in English cursive.

  • I learned to do fractions!

  • I learned to read the Torah.

  • Learning exponents.

  • Decimals.

  • Simplifying fractions.

  • Taking my time.

  • Rashi script.

  • I learned how to solve a Rubik's cube in 11 seconds.

  • The area of circles.

  • I feel proud that I learned about the male reproductive system.

  • Notetaking and poster making.

  • I learned how to write a lab report in Science.

  • I learned how to touch type well.

  • How to multiply and divide negative numbers.

  • My essay writing improved.

  • I learned how to navigate Sefaria better.

  • I got a lot better at Math.

  • I learned how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide negative numbers—and write essays.

  • Solving a Rubik's cube, leading pesukei d'zimrah and shacharit.

  • I learned how to solve for x in math.

  • How to calculate the area of a circle, and also how to take care of a dog.

  • I am proud of my new essay skills.

  • I learned how to solve proportions and how to solve for x, and I learned how to solve percentages, and I learned how to find the radius, diameter, circumference, and area of a circle in math.

  • I learned to find small but meaningful details in a text to fill up a worksheet or assignment.

  • I learned how to calculate the circumference and area of a circle. I also learned the Chidon chomer.

  • Tefillah.

  • I learned the whole Amidah.

  • Mainly how to spell words in English and learning how to do long division.

  • Long division- it was hard for me in the beginning with all the steps, and now I know it!

  • Angles.

  • I learned a new and very effective Hebrew vocabulary technique for homework.

What subject did you enjoy most this year?

  • My favorite subject is Literacy because I learn new things.

  • My favorite subject is Math because I like the shapes.

  • Math is my favorite subject because I like to count money.

  • Explorations because we go on field trips.

  • My favorite subject is Hebrew because I like new words.

  • My favorite subject in school is Art.

  • P.E. is my favorite subject because I like to move my body.

  • Literacy because I love writing.

  • I enjoyed Chumash because we had fun activities, and it's really creative sometimes.

  • I enjoyed Science because there are a lot of hands-on activities.

  • I really enjoyed Parshat HaShavua because we got to draw about the Parsha, and I really like to draw.

  • I really enjoyed Explorations because I got to learn more about history and about how people made the world a better place.

  • I really enjoyed Humanities because it felt very interactive, we made manuscripts, and we made and acted in plays. It was just very interesting and fun.

  • I really enjoyed Math, but I don't really know why.

  • Science because of the body systems project.

  • Math because we had fun topics which I understood.

  • I really liked Science because of all the learning about nature and rocks and human bodies; it was all really cool. I also liked humanities a lot because we learned all about Greeks and stuff. It was so interesting, and all the projects we did were so fun.

  • Art has been an escape from reality for me.

  • Humanities, because writing is also what I enjoyed most outside school too.

  • I enjoyed learning about Hebrew vocabulary.

  • Tsunami designing in Science was fun because It was fun designing the best way to cope with a tsunami wave.

  • Math and Science because I am a nerd, and also they were the most fun subjects.

  • I liked Art because I felt like I had more freedom than the other classes. If I had a choice, I'd like to have Art at least twice a week.

  • I really enjoyed TnT (Tanakh and Torah She'Bal Pehthis) this year. Every week I got to add my own ideas about the text, not just translate it.

  • Math, because I feel more confident

  • I really enjoyed Explorations. We worked on learning about the colonies, and I accomplished so much.

  • I enjoyed learning the Amidah because now it's easier for me to say it.

Did you learn anything new about yourself this year, either because you changed or because you never realized it before?

  • I realized how much I knew about maps.

  • Yes! I learned that I can do Hebrew. It's easy for me now because I wasn't really trying last year.

  • I'm not too scared to perform in front of people.

  • I think I learned that I don't have to be shy. Last year I was very shy and not as talkative as I am now, so I am glad that I've grown and feel more confident and comfortable with the people around me.

  • People like me and care about me.

  • I learned that I am able to make friends in the fifth grade, even if I really did not think I would.

  • I have SO many cells.

  • I learned that I work much better alone than with other people.

  • I learned that I couldn't be trusted to remember homework.

  • I'm pretty good at chess.

  • I am unwilling to share.

  • I learned that I am capable of more than I thought.

  • I've upped my art skills because of drawing in class.

  • I learned that I am capable of things if I put in the effort.

  • I realized that I actually liked math!

  • This year, I realized that I am good at soccer when I have always stood back and not played.

  • I learned that I was more independent because I have done most of my homework this year without asking for help.

  • I get distracted easily, so I always need to pay attention to my best.

  • I learned that when I am really looking forward to something (seeing my dog for the first time), my brain slows down the time until one minute feels like an hour.

  • I learned that I like Algebra.

  • I realized during the Health class that I was the first student in my class to get her period. Otherwise, I learned that students learn more effectively when they are entertained. If I had a choice, I'd put games in lessons more often.

  • I learned that I am a lot better at reading than I thought I was.

  • That I know English better than I thought.

  • That I can do anything if I am able to give the time and stay calm.

  • I am really organized.

  • Yes, I learned that I learn better by seeing than by listening,

What did you learn about our Beit Rabban community or about the world this year?

  • The Beit Rabban community is learnful, and it's nice.

  • I learned that the Beit Rabban community is very open to mistakes.

  • That the world can change really easily!

  • I learned that smoke can travel very, very far.

  • I learned that the Palestinian territories are not doing very well in Israel.

  • I learned that there are some people out there that won't like you, and there is nothing you can do to change that, but there are some people that you thought you couldn't change the way you think about them or act around them, but that's not true.

  • FOUR PILLARS (Active Learning, Empowered Judaism, Boundless Campus, & Kind Community)

  • I learned that people could get upset easily.

  • I learned that TEVA is amazing.

  • I learned that we use computers a lot in the Chativah.

  • I learned that the community is stronger in Chativah.

  • The world is a difficult place.

  • That we are cool people and a kind community is the most important thing.

  • That we are changing buildings.

  • I learned that Beit Rabban is a very good school.

  • We are sheltered.

  • I learned that there are so many supportive members of the Beit Rabban Community.

  • I learned that the Beit Rabban community is much smaller than I thought it was.

  • I learned that there are a lot of cute kids in the Beit Rabban community.

  • Each year there is a US Rubik's cube competition.

  • I learned that everybody in the Beit Rabban community is very kind, and also I learned that we will move next year.

  • They are really flexible with teachers leaving, and they get switched quickly with another teacher.

  • This year I learned that Beit Rabban would be moving and how my class will help prepare the Gan for the change.

  • I learned that when I take a long break from my learning, I seem to return to class with an incredibly positive attitude (in my standards, which are pretty high).

  • People are not only students; they're teachers!

  • If you do one thing badly, then it doesn't make you a bad person.

  • The Beit Rabban community is great because the people are nice here, and I have friends.

  • Everybody is different in good ways. At Beit Rabban, no matter what people act like, they make a loving community.

  • I learned that some things I thought were only harmful actually have good and bad things about them.

What do you love about school?

  • Snack time.

  • Everything! Pizza, challah, playing, sleeping.

  • I love my teacher.

  • To eat snack and lunch. I love my teacher's necklaces. I like my teacher's eyes. I like my friends.

  • Sleeping. When Daddy comes to visit me. I like Roni.

  • I love Shlomit, who teaches dance. Also learning, tefillot, teachers, friends, and learning and learning and learning

  • The pencil sharpener.

  • Marble painting. I went to a museum with my class.

  • I love seeing the dead bumble bee.

  • It is my favorite school.

  • It's special because it is a Hebrew school.

  • Jars.

  • That there is so much toys!

  • I found a lot of new friends.

  • The teachers are very nice, and the kids are very nice.

  • What I love about Beit Rabban is how they can be religious and educate people at the same time.

  • I love that there are so many things you can learn here in different ways in just one year!

  • I love that there is pizza on Friday.

  • I love that there are choices, fun activities, and fun events.

  • I like Beit Rabban because we mostly speak in Hebrew.

  • I love Shabbat B'Yachad.

  • In Beit Rabban, I love how everybody is nice.

  • I love the staff in Beit Rabban.

  • What I love about Beit Rabban is that we learn Torah.

  • Whole school project.

  • Stephanie's sarcasm.

  • I love that school is fun.

  • I love the teachers, activities, and recess.

  • Being with my friends.

  • I love that the teachers always challenge you to do better, and it feels really good to succeed in what you do.

  • EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

הֲדְרָן עֲלָךְ בית רבן וְהֲדְרָךְ עֲלָן

דַּעְתָּן עֲלָךְ תלמידי בית רבן וְדַעְתָּךְ עֲלָן

לָא נִתֽנְשֵׁי מִינָךְ קהילת בית רבן וְלֹא תִתְנְשֵׁי מִינָן

We will return to you, Beit Rabban Day School, and you will return to us.

Our minds are on you, dear Beit Rabban students, and your mind is on us.

We will not forget you, dear Beit Rabban Community, and you will not forget us.

It has been an honor to be part of your children's lives this year, and we look forward to welcoming them back next year with open arms into our new home!

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