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Keeping Lights On/Shining Bright

December 16, 2022 | 22nd of Kislev Parashat Vayeshev 5783 / פָּרָשַׁת וַיֵּשֶׁב

Dear Beit Rabban Community,

We are getting ready for a week of learning and celebration in honor of Chanukah (and likely some measure of delightful chaos as well). The last week of the calendar year is always a bright one for us as we close out our first semester with the Beit Rabban tradition of the Whole School Project when students join together in their cross-grade groups to learn and bond around a particular topic. This year we are especially lucky to do so in the context of Chanukah, and we will be exploring the mitzvah of "pirsumei nisah," publicizing the miracle of Chanukah. Each group will study this mitzvah and find their own way to share the miracle and all the against-the-odds optimism that it represents.

We have a long tradition of debate around the miracle of Chanukah. Was it the unlikely military victory by our underdog ancestors or was it the supernatural capacity of a tiny bit of pure oil to reconsecrate an entire Temple? As a person who runs an institution with a lofty mission, I like to believe that the miracle took place both on the battlefield and in the Temple. Everyone who is in the business of trying to make the world a better place knows that you need to care for the practical details as well as the idealistic end goals. We know this well at Beit Rabban! And, we rely on your support for both components: to keep the lights in our classrooms and to ensure that our educators can continue to help each child shine as brightly as possible.

Between Chanukah and the end of the calendar year, we are entering a time of generous giving, and hope you will consider making a gift to Beit Rabban. While it might not take a miracle, it does take the generous investment of each of us to keep our magical Jewish education going.

Wishing all a restful and rejuvenating Shabbat,


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