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An Ode to 2021 in 21 Highlights

December 31, 2021

Dear Beit Rabban Community,

The year 2021 is not exactly ending on a high, except for high infection rates, but we did share many spectacular and miraculous times highlights over the past year. This Ta Shma is dedicated to the past 365 days in an effort to redeem its final hours, and to remind us all that no one, no thing, and no year should be defined by it's darkest moments.

In the Beit Rabban tradition of ending each week with SHAhighlights to help us appreciate more deeply, feel more connected to each other, recognize our accomplishments, and go into Shabbat with a smile.... I hope you enjoy this selection of 21 of some of my favorite Beit Rabban highlights from 2021 (see below). May it put a smile on your face and remind all of us that there is always the possibility of joy.

Wishing all a restful and rejuvenating Shabbat and a very happy new year,


Vaccination Celebrations

Recess Outdoors in All Weather

Reimagining Beit Rabban Rites of Passage to be at Home

Going viral for the best reason- Justice for Ingrid!

Outdoor Holiday Chagigas

Bringing back Co-Curriculars

Knowing how to Open School during a Pandemic

Welcoming Our Mascot, the Beit Rabban Livyatan

The Return of Parents to School

Going back to Summer Camp

Our First 8th Grade, Bikkurim

Celebrating Democracy

Bringing back After School Clubs & Programs

Praying Outside, A Lot

Inaugurating New Traditions

Our First Double Bat Mitzvah

That One Time a Year that Includes: Cholent Fridays, Pizza Fridays, & Rosh Chodesh Sushi

Celebrating Pride Shabbat

Celebrating Our Akabas Family Amazing Alumni

Marking One Year of the PandemiC

Masked Celebrations

And a 22nd highlight, just because... When that bicycling Christmas tree wished your class a Happy Chanukah while you were on your way to recess in Central Park.

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