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Director of Student Support

Tell us something interesting about your family’s Jewish roots.
My grandfather escaped Germany when he was 16 and was the only survivor of his family. Several years ago, my father received a letter from someone in my grandfather’s (tiny) village in Germany who wanted to reconnect with Jewish families that lived in the village and had been forced to leave during Holocaust. My grandfather had the chance to go back to the village with his 3 children before he died, and I was able to visit my grandfather’s village 4 years ago.

What has been your most formative Jewish experience?
I grew up immersed in Judaism because I lived in Israel. I have many fond memories including going to a collective Sukkah in my grandparents’ Kibbutz. I also loved and looked forward to visiting my family in Jerusalem. When I moved to the states, I found a spiritual home at BJ.

What were your favorite hobbies as a child?
As a child, I loved climbing trees and playing outside.

What do you most hope your students learn from you - other than the curriculum?
I hope that our students learn from me that difference is beautiful and something to be embraced.

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