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Kevutzot Hebrew

Tell us something interesting about your family’s Jewish roots.
My family came to Israel from Yemen and has rich and special traditions and practices.

What was a singularly meaningful Jewish experience?
Singing Shalom Shabazi's song, Lefelach Harimon, at a lecture that I gave on Leil Shavuot in my synagogue. I used the story of Ruth’s journey as a lens to think about journeys- both generally and specifically as the Jewish Yemenite journey.

What was your proudest accomplishment as a child?
Being successful at and graduating from one of the best schools in Israel. I came from an underdeveloped village, so this was unusual.

Which elementary school teacher had the biggest impact on you and why?
I was most impacted by my 3rd and 4th grade teacher, Shoshana. She was caring and worked so hard with the limited resources we had to create beautiful lessons and activities.

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