Show your support for Beit Rabban Day School, the Manna honorees, students and faculty!

Whether you are able to attend the event or not, consider purchasing a e-journal ad to be included in the 5779/2019 Manna From Heaven e-journal, to be shared with the honorees and the event participants. 

  • Recognize the contributions to the community of honorees including Rabbi Ayelet Cohen, Dr. Jeremy Dauber, Lisa Exler, Erica Fishbein, Anat Fisher Tsin, Rabbi Jonah Geffen, Rabbi David Ingber, Ariel Ingber, Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, Yael Kornfeld, Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer, Dr. Sara Labaton, Zachary Lebwohl, Rabbi Dr. Erin Leib Smokler, Miriam Levi, Rabbi Marc Margolius, Cantor David Mintz, Rabbi Avram Mlotek, Hai Piasezky, Dr. Noam Pines, Miryam Pomerantz Dauber, Rabbi Aviva Richman, Deborah Sacks Mintz, Rabbi Joanna Samuels, Naomi Skop Richter, Rabbi Dan Smokler, Rabbi Felicia Sol, Oded Tsin, Dr. Katja Vehlow, Rabbi Tzemah Yoreh and all the other Jewish professionals within the Beit Rabban parent body.
  • Recognize the leadership of the school with a thoughtful e-journal ad
  • Recognize your children, grandchildren or their teachers with a picture or loving comment
  • Recognize the school and share a business listing to indicate your professional support for community building

E-Journal Ad Levels:

  • INVESTOR - $36,000 - Includes 15 gala tickets, 10 faculty sponsorship tickets, and a Diamond E-Journal Ad
  • SUSTAINER - $18,000 - Includes 12 gala tickets, 5 faculty sponsorship tickets, and a Platinum E-Journal Ad
  • BENEFACTOR - $10,000 - Includes 10 gala tickets and a Pearl Level E-Journal Ad
  • PATRON - $5000 -  Includes 8 gala tickets and a  Gold Level E-Journal Ad
  • SPONSOR - $2500 - Includes 6 gala tickets and a Silver Level E-Journal Ad
  • PARTNER - $1800 - Includes 4 gala tickets and a Bronze Level E-Journal Ad
  • SUPPORTER - $1000 - Includes 2 gala tickets and a Bronze Level E-Journal Ad
  • FRIEND - $360 - Includes 1 gala ticket and a Mazal Tov E-Journal Ad
  • MAZAL TOV LISTING - $180 - Includes Mazal Tov listing of name or business in E-Journal (no tickets included)

All Ad listings are  same size, just different backgrounds. This is a virtual journal that will be displayed at the event on a large screen and then also on our website. If you would like to include a PHOTO or LOGO, please send a camera-ready image to Investor-Friend ads may include a photo in addition to the text included above.  Business Listings may provide a photo instead of text. If you have any questions please email or call 212.595.1386 ext. 104.

Please purchase and submit text for all e-jounral ads by May 16, thank you!

Make a gift of any amount in tribute to an honoree. Please make sure to select  the drop down option: "Annual Gala Manna from Heaven," and also include the name of the honoree in the "notes" section before you complete your donation.