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Happy Thanksgiving! !חג ההודיה שמח

Week we took a deep dive into gratitude this past week, learning about hakarat hatov and culminating in our fourth annual...EREV Thanksgiving Day Parade PARADE!

All of Beit Rabban paraded around the Upper West Side yesterday delivering beautiful Boxes-O-Gratitude to community helpers selected by each grade, including:

  • MTA bus drivers

  • MTA subway workers

  • Lab Q mobile teting sites

  • West Side Campaign Against Hunger

  • Pharmacists providing vaccines

  • Pediatricians' offices

  • The Wild Bird Fund

  • Our own school helpers like the maintenance team and security guards

The people we visited were "overwhelmed with gratitude" by the experienced. Between stops on our parade route, we chanted "you are appreciated!" and thanked sanitation department workers, construction crews, crossing guards, police officers, caregivers, door men, kiosk workers, delivery workers, and neighbors. Middle school students also made their way to various community fridges to restock the inventories. Cars honked in support, people waved, and others cheered and wished us a happy Thanksgiving. We are so proud of our students for the joy they spread yesterday.

It obviously feels incredible to be thanked. The amazing thing that we all experienced yesterday is that the act of thanking others feels even better. This is one of the most important lessons our children can learn.


VIDEO & PICS from the PARADE PARADE! We have a short video (a little scrappy but fun!) for you to watch, and you can enjoy more photos from the Parade Parade and all the preparations here!

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