SAVE THE DATE! Manna from Heaven 5779, May 30


This year we are honoring "Rabbanan Beit Rabban," the many, diverse Jewish communal professionals within our parent body.


We take immense pride in the fact that Beit Rabban has always been a school where Jewish professionals—clergy, educators, academics, artists and non-profit professionals—send their children for a Jewish education. It speaks to the highly committed and diverse makeup of our parent body and also, we believe, to Beit Rabban's ability to teach Judaism with both rigor and joy. This school year, 35% of Beit Rabban families include one or more parent who works for a Jewish organization--well above the Jewish Day School average--and we want to recognize and celebrate these people who do so much for our community. The fact that they choose to send your children to Beit Rabban is a badge of honor for the school. It also is the backbone of the type of unique family community we strive for at Beit Rabban- both Jewishly diverse and committed.


Our honorees include Rabbi Ayelet Cohen, Erica Fishbein, Rabbi Jonah Geffen, Rabbi David Ingber, Ariel Ingber, Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer, Dr. Sara Labaton, Zachary Lebewohl, Rabbi Dr. Erin Leib Smokler, Miriam Levi, Rabbi Marc Margolious, Hai Piasezky, Dr. Noam Pines, Rabbi Joanna Samules, Rabbi Felicia Sol, Anat Tsin, Oded Tsin, and many more!



Looking back at Manna from Heaven 5778

We are so grateful to all who joined us in June at our 5778 gala, Manna From Heaven, a celebration of street art and food.

Thank you for helping us celebrate our 2018 honorees, Bonei Beit Rabban communal leaders Tali Rosenblatt-Cohen and Sender Cohen and beloved former principal Mary Peldman! Thank you as well to those who submitted journal ads, made donations, and contributed to the online auction. We are delighted to announce that we exceeded our fundraising goals because of your investment. In the words of our Beit Rabban Future Fund campaign co-chair, Debbie Katz, "the state of our union is strong... because of all of you!"

Here's some great news we announced at the event:

  • We had close to 100% participation from Beit Rabban families in our fundraising efforts this year.
  • We are expanding our 86 Street Campus to add space at the Jewish Center that includes a full gym, and it will be the home of the new Beit Rabban Middle School.
  • We are launching a 5.5 million dollar Funding Our Future Campaign to support our growth, 4 million of which is already committed!
  • Our board of trustees has decided to freeze tuition for the next four years through the graduation of our first Middle School class.

Read more about Manna from Heaven 5778 and see pictures here!

Todah Rabbah to all our remarkable volunteers and staff who worked on Manna from Heaven: 


  • Alanna Jacobs for all the spectacular graphic design work, including the invitations, journal, and event decor.
  • Rebecca Leicht Gould and Erika Olshin for chairing the online auction and to Erica Fishbein and Jeff Newlet for supporting auction efforts.
  • Stacey Karp for her leadership of the student art raffle team: including Christina Burek, Erika Olshin, Peri Grabin, Jeff Newelt, Nicole Berlyn Katz and Tal Ammut Popovich.
  • All those of you who donated items to the online auction and teacher raffle.

And staff...

  • Nicole Weiss for overseeing all aspects of the gala- from big picture items to tiny details.
  • Arielle Stein and Emily Blake for providing all back-end support for the event and auction and managing registration.
  • Will Hemingway for schlepping a never ending supply of boxes up and down from the school's basement.

And a special thank you to Jessica Tamar Duetsch for sharing her soulful art at the Manna from Heaven Pop-Up Gallery! You can see more of Jessica's art here.