We offer an exciting array of after-school programming selected to complement our student’s classroom experience. These classes are offered forchildren in both the Early Childhood Center and Elementary School. The programs vary by trimester and are an additional cost.

Each after-school program is offered once per week after school Monday through Thursday and takes place fifteen minutes after the end of the school day. A classroom teacher provides after-school students with supervision, snack and a transitional activity. 

The Gan (Early Childhood Center) programs are 2:30pm - 3:30pm
The Kevutzot (Elementary) programs are 3:30pm - 4:45pm. 

Our after-school program selection includes;
Gan: Improv, Dino Science, Dance, Sports, Yoga and Cooking
Elementary: Improv & Puppets, Violin Club, Dance, Cartooning, Robotics, Running, Soccer and Chess 

After School Activities Catalog 2018-2019 - Updated 11/16/18

To register for our afterschool program and to find pricing:

1. Login to your ParentsWeb account

2. Click on School Information

3. Click on Web Forms

4. Click on Afterschool Programming Fall, Winter or Spring Registration.

PLEASE NOTE: Programming offered per trimester might differ as well as costs per program per trimester.