This year, in an effort to streamline school supply ordering, we ask each family with children in K-6th grade to order supplies through EduKit by July 12, 2019. 

This simple process directs you to your child's specific grade's supply list and allows you to purchase online and have the package of supplies delivered directly to Beit Rabban. As all supplies will remain communal, teachers will completely manage supply distribution once the students arrive in the fall. A full supply kit for the year costs approximately $50 per child.

Should you choose to purchase supplies on your own, please use the list provided in the EduKit link and make sure your child brings all supplies to school on the first day of class. Please do not substitute or personalize any of the items on the list as all supplies will be shared communally. 

We recognize that this supply procurement system represents a change to our previous school supplies policy. Please let us know whether the cost of supplies is prohibitive for your family, and we will ensure that your child is provided with supplies.

Supply List for Garinim (Kindergarten)

Supply List for Shorashim (1st)

Supply List for Shtillim (2nd)

Supply List for Anafim (3rd)

Supply List for Alim (4th)

Supply List for Nitzanim (5th)

Supply List for Prachim (6th)