Welcome Beit Rabban families to our challah ordering program. This is a great way to conveniently buy challah for shabbat while supporting the Beit Rabban Parent Association (BRPA). 

The BRPA is instrumental in fostering a sense of community for Beit Rabban families through activities and special events. It funds various outings for the school, provides Chanukah and end-of-year gifts for Beit Rabban teachers, organizes the Chanukah and Purim celebrations, and supports school families during major life-cycle events. The BRPA is looking to expand its special programs and events and the challah program is one way you can help. 

Please choose from the menu below and please use only one child's account to place the order. We will be placing orders for a half-year at a time. It will be the same order each week. The challot come from Zadie's Bakeshop in Fair Lawn, NJ and are certified Strictly Kosher, Shomer Shabbos, and Pas Yisroel. The bakery is under the supervision of RCBC and Star K and the bakery is nut free. 

Large Braided Egg Challah 17 weeks @ $5.50 each - $93.50 
Large Braided Whole Wheat Challah 17 weeks @ $5.50 each - $93.50  
Package of 6 Egg Challah Rolls 17 weeks @ $5.50 each - $93.50 
Pkg of 6 Whole Wheat Challah Rolls 17 weeks @ $5.50 each - $93.50

You will be able to pick up your order on Fridays from your kids' backpack hooks if you have a child in Gan or it will be placed in their backpack if your child is in Kevutzot. Any challot not picked up will be donated. Orders will be charged to your FACTs account automatically. 


To register for our challah program:

1. Login to your ParentsWeb account

2. Click on School Information

3. Click on Web Forms

4. Click on BRPA Challah Order Form.