Beit Rabban students graduate with confidence in their own abilities, respect for the abilities of others, and a commitment to making a difference in the world around them.

 Beit Rabban Day School Graduates are: 

  • Sophisticated readers and writers
  • Well-versed in Jewish text and tradition
  • Respectful of a wide range of Jewish practices
  • Critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Fluent Hebrew speakers
  • Trained in the core skills, concepts, principles and theories of science
  • Well-grounded in core knowledge and principles of social science and history
  • Deeply connected to Israel and the Jewish people
  • Self-confident individuals with strong social skills
  • Knowledgeable of artistic ideas, forms and techniques
  • Equipped with a sound foundation in musical theory and practice

Which schools are the recent graduates of Beit Rabban attending?

The Abraham Heschel School ◊ Kinneret Day School ◊ Manhattan Day School ◊ Park East Day School ◊ Ramaz School ◊ SAR Academy ◊ Solomon Schechter Manhattan ◊ A range of public magnet schools and outstanding independent schools.


Which colleges do Beit Rabban Alumni attend? 

Barnard College ◊ Columbia University ◊ Cornell University ◊ CUNY Queens College ◊ Farleigh Dickinson University ◊ Harvard University ◊ IDC Herzliya ◊ Johns Hopkins University ◊ McGill University ◊ Muhlenberg College ◊ NYU ◊ Rutgers University ◊ School of Visual Arts ◊ Smith College  ◊ SUNY Albany ◊ University of Chicago ◊ University of Manchester (UK) ◊ University of Melbourne  ◊ University of Pennsylvania ◊ Yale University 

“Twenty years later, I still feel the tremendous influence of Beit Rabban in my life -- in my love of learning, my passion for community service, and my strong Jewish identity. So much of my life today is shaped by my years at Beit Rabban.”

Shai Akabas, BRDS Class of 1997 and Board member