Most Beit Rabban b'Anan online classes will take place on ZOOM. Students will need to join meetings that are hosted by their teachers. All classes listed on online schedules (by grade) are hyperlinked to ZOOM meeting invitations. To join a class, just click on the blue, hyperlinked class name. Please note that different classes may have different ZOOM meeting rooms, so you will have to regularly refer back to the online class schedule. 

We recommend this tutorial on how to join a ZOOM meeting

If you are experiencing technology issues that are inhibiting your child's ability to partipitate in classes through Beit Rabban b'Anan, please be in touch with Laura Kaler at

If you need support accessing hardward for your child's participation in remote learning, please contact Nicole Weiss at

This period of time will involve a lot more technology than our children are used to, and we have not had the time to prepare them for this shift at school. This is not an ideal way to begin online learning, but there are a number of easy things we can do to keep our children safe and healthy online. We recommend the following:

  1. Rules: Set family rules about technology use outside of class in terms of time on screens and internet use.
  2. Search History: Check your children’s search history even if they are not permitted to be online alone.
  3. Expectations of Privacy: Tell your children that you will be checking and that there is no expectation of privacy here. 

We highly recommend Common Sense Media (which produces curricula that we use to teach Digital Citizenship in the Chativah) for advice on how to support our children to live in accordance with our values when they are online. We also recommend reading through the "Parents Need to Know" tab on Common Sense Media for more guidance on how to help your child develop healthy habits online. This is an opportunity for learning good technology and online habits, albeit one we did not ask for!