Distance learning is new for our community, and Beit Rabban b'Anan will be an iterative process. We are prototyping and tweaking with each class and each parent communication, and we need feedback from you to keep improving. Our children deserve that! If you have feedback to share with respect to the Beit Rabban b'Anan experience please email our Head of School, Stephanie Ives at stephanie@beitrabban.org.

Please fill out a Parent Survey:

Sara Cohen & Shlomit Levy, our Directors of Student Support, are available for you and your children. Students can schedule a time to meet with Sara or Shlomit on ZOOM to talk about anything or just because you miss them. Grownups can reach out for advice or to ask them to help their children learn more effectively at Beit Rabban b’Anan. Sara is at scohn@beitrabban.org and Shlomit is at slevy@beitrabban.org.

If you are having any issues with technology that are affecting your child's ability to participate in Beit Rabban b'Anan learning, please contact Laura Kaler at laura@beitrabban.org.

Our business office remains open for service. You can reach out to our COO Nicole Weiss at nicole@beitrabban.org or our Administrative Assistant Liora Zhrebker at liora@beitrabban.org.