We are taking attendance each day just like normal in grades K-6. Students are expected to join ZOOM classes on time. Parents of students in grades K-4 should be in touch with Ingrid and teachers if there is a reason your child cannot join classes on any given day. Should a Chativah student have to miss class on any given day, the student should reach out directly to their teachers. 

Students should be ready for learning each day. This means that each student is an active learner: listening, thinking, asking questions, answering questions, working hard, and asking teachers for help when they need it.

  • Taking responsibility for your learning:
    • A student might not be able to ask as many questions during a class as they usually would, but they can always have a grownup email the teachers right after a class and set up a time to talk. Chativah students should email their teachers directly.
    • If a student is working on an assignment that is especially challenging and they feel that they need teacher support to complete the assignment, they should do their best to complete as much of the assignment as they can even if they are unable to connect with a teacher before it is due. 
  • Assignments: Students are expected to complete assignments on time each day. Students in K-4th grade will submit assignments according to the instructions given by their teachers. All Chativah students are expected to submit assignments on Google Classroom. 

All our usual expectations around kindness and respect—for fellow students and teachers—apply at Beit Rabban b’Anan. Because ZOOM is a new classroom environment for us all, we have to be extra careful to treat everyone with respect. This includes the following:

  • The way a students appears on video must be respectful to all.
  • The things a student writes on ZOOM chat (when it is enabled) must be worded in kind and respectful ways.
  • Each student must follow their teachers’ instructions if they ask them to shift the way they are behaving.