Everyone feels at home at Beit Rabban Day School. 

Our school community supports, challenges and facilitates growth for all of its members 

including students, families and educators. Beit Rabban Day School is unique in that we are 

incredibly different in our backgrounds yet united in our commitment to deep, meaningful, 

integrated Jewish learning. Our community is comprised of people from a range of 

denominations and beliefs who all choose to invest deeply in the future of Jewish education.

We believe that every member of our greater community serves an integral role in our 

ecosystem.The education of children at Beit Rabban Day School is a partnership where all 

members contribute meaningfully to the success of the educational experience. Here you are 

more than a “spectator” or “volunteer,” you and your family are part of the rich and diverse 

composition of our community. 

There are many ways to extend your involvement in our community. You can attend our 

parenting workshops and fundraising events. You can bring your children to school picnics and 

after­school celebrations. You can join our PTA, volunteer as a class parent, or take a position 

on a committee of the board. We welcome your collaboration, insight and passion in supporting 

our amazing institution.

If you would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities please be in touch with board member, Adit Sadan Samet.