Making a superior Jewish day school education economically viable for both parents and schools is an ongoing challenge facing the community. In New York City, where the cost of living places additional pressures on many families, this has led to a true crisis as more families find themselves priced out of the market, needing to either forego day school or choose to leave the neighborhoods most rich in Jewish and cultural enrichment.Beit Rabban Day School is responding to this reality by offering families three different tuition options: Full Tuition, the Affordability Initiative and Scholarship Support.  It is hoped that by offering more tuition options for families, the school will be responsive to these financial challenges and allow more students to take advantage of our unique educational experience

Each year, the school reviews the operational needs of the school independent of fundraising and scholarship assistance to determine the per child cost of resourcing the school. This amount sets the Full Tuition rate and reflects the actual cost of education.

The Full Tuition Rates for the 2020-2021 academic year is as follows:​

  • Gan/Early Childhood Tuition: 5 Day Program: $27,309 (12:30 Dismissal: $24,497)
  • Kevutzot/Elementary Tuition: K-Third Grade: $34,231
  • Kevutzot/Elementary Tuition: Fourth Grade: $35,268
  • Middle School Tuition: Fifth - Eighth Grade: $35,268

These are set by the Beit Rabban Day School Board of Trustees after reviewing its strategic plans for the coming year, enrollment forecasts, and the broader economic landscape. The Board of Trustees also includes an early bird discount of $1,000 per child to these rates for families who return their signed contract within a set timeframe. 

The Affordability Initiative option is designed for families with multiple children and significant income who may still require some assistance with tuition. In general, this alternative approach to tuition makes sense for families with an AGI of $200,000 or more but insufficient income and/or assets to cover the full tuition rates for multiple children. Given the economics of New York City, families earning up to a half a million dollars, regardless of whether income is from salary or investments, can qualify for the Affordability Initiative. Families with access to income above this level are asked to cover the full cost of their children’s education.

This alternative form of tuition payment is available for families with more than one child at Beit Rabban. Families who select the Affordability Initiative option pay a set tuition of whichever of the following is the highest:

15% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), regardless of the number of children in the school or
62.5% of the total full tuition for each child at Beit Rabban

Families who opt for the Affordability Initiative will not be eligible to apply for scholarship assistance for the coming year unless there is an unexpected and significant change in the financial situation of the family. However, for many families with multiple children, this option is recommended both for the predictability of tuition for family planning purposes and to ensure support in an environment where funds for scholarship are always limited.

Three examples of the Affordability Initiative at work:

A family with an AGI of $180,000 with a child in the 3′s program who departs at 12:30 and a student in kindergarten:

AGI=$180,000  15% of AGI=$27,000  Full Tuition=$58,728  62.5% of Full Tuition=$36,705  Affordability Initiative Tuition=$36,705  Savings=$22,023

A family with an AGI of $325,000 with a child in the 4′s program who remains until 2:00, a student in kindergarten, and a second grader:

AGI=$325,000  15% of AGI=$48,750  Full Tuition=$95,771  62.5% of Full Tuition=$59,857 Affordability Initiative Tuition=$59,857 Savings=$35,914

A family with an AGI of $380,000 with a child in first grade and a child in fifth grade:

AGI=$380,000 15% of AGI=$57,000  Full Tuition=$69,499  62.5% of Full Tuition=$43,437 Affordability Initiative Tuition=$57,000  Savings=$13,563

To participate in the Affordability Initiative, please fill out our Affordability Initiative Commitment form by December 11, 2020 (new families only) and submit with a non-refundable deposit check for 10% of the projected tuition (you can use current tuition rates to determine the amount of your deposit or contact Nicole Weiss for help). In mid-January, contracts will be generated for returning students and a second payment of 10% will be required as accompaniment to the signed contract.  After December 11, 2020, the minimum tuition will increase to 67.5%.

Affordability Initiative Commitment Form

The Board of Trustees sets tuition for Beit Rabban Day School  mid-year for the next academic year as they look to balance the goal to ensure the necessary resources to support excellence in the classroom and beyond and questions of affordability for a wide range of families managing Jewish day school tuition along with the costs of living in New York City.

With a commitment to socio-economic diversity within the school community, Beit Rabban offers needs-based scholarship on demonstrated need, using a confidential process that ensures each family’s privacy.   Admissions decisions are made independently, and are not influenced by a family’s financial resources.

Applying for scholarship assistance involves submitting financial documentation to FACTS, a third-party firm that reviews the detailed economic situation of a family and informs our Scholarship Committee’s decisions about the allocation of scholarship. We strive to make this process as simple as possible, with an absolute dedication to confidentiality and kavod. Families receive information about the upcoming level of scholarship support at the same time as they receive tuition contracts for the coming year.

How to Apply for Scholarship Support

Parents may apply for scholarship support via an online form through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment from early November to December 13th of the year of application.

The final decisions are made by the Scholarship Committee at Beit Rabban, comprised of committed and thoughtful individuals who care deeply about the school community.

Financial assistance is awarded at the same time that acceptance letters are mailed, enabling families to make informed decisions in mid-February for the elementary school, and in early March for the Early Childhood Center.

Contribute to our Scholarship Fund Today

Your support makes a meaningful difference in a child’s Jewish education.  Please contribute generously to our Scholarship Fund.

Day School Education as a Priority For All...

Beit Rabban Day School is grateful for contributions to our Scholarship Fund, and for the support of the UJA-Federation of New York, and the Rose Biller Day School Scholarship Fund.

Beit Rabban Day School uses the third-party system FACTS to manage all tuition payments.

Parents are provided with the option of paying in one sum or in a multiple payment plan. It is up to you to choose and inform the school of your payment choice. You will be prompted to provide this information in writing at the beginning of the calendar year when you receive your contract and tuition agreement for the coming year.

Upon returning a signed copy of the contract it is up to you to login to the FACTS system and enter your payment information.

Payment information, along with your financial aid must be renewed on a yearly basis.

To pay your tuition now visit FACTs.

For questions or concerns contact our Chief Operating Officer at

For purposes of determining AGI, the prior year’s tax return is used for calculating the deposit.  In the spring, the 2020 Form 1040 is submitted to set the actual tuition. For those families that select the traditional scholarship option, the initial award is made on the prior year’s tax return; families are required to update their tax information in the spring and scholarship support may be modified based on significant changes. To ensure fairness and the necessary resources to fund the school, Beit Rabban Day School reserves the right to request additional information or documentation in order to set scholarship awards.

Our scholarship support process is confidential and separate from the admissions process. In the scholarship application process, a third party (FACTS) is used to collect all required documentation and an anonymous scholarship committee reviews the details and proposes scholarship allocations to the school administration. With the simpler Affordability Initiative, a copy of the 1040 form is sent to the office and is only reviewed by the Administrative Director or Head of School and kept on file for reporting purposes.  Any reports sent to our funders will not include names or identifying information.

The deadline for scholarship application is December 11th for the coming year. For applicants for the Affordability Initiative, the early security deposit of 10% of projected tuition is due on the 11th of December, with another 10% due by January 29th. To assist families with students already at Beit Rabban who are concerned about cash flow, by request, the current year tuition payments for November and January can be deferred until April and May when there are no scheduled payments. If the family has a child or children not yet admitted into the school and the program only works for the family with all children in the school, the first deposit will be refundable if the child or children is/are not admitted.

The Affordability Initiative is designed to give families with multiple children both the ability to predict total tuition costs over a multi-year period and to provide some tuition relief. In turn, the school asks for more significant deposits for its own planning purposes and to ensure sufficient resources to support the school’s educational program. Families participating in the Affordability Initiative with students already enrolled at Beit Rabban may have their November and January payments for the current year deferred to April and May.

Although full tuition rates and traditional scholarship support will always be options, the current commitment to the Affordability Initiative is for at least three years.

Beit Rabban coordinates its notification and reply deadlines with the dates established by the Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY).

Applications due:
December 4, 2020

Scholarship applications due:
December 11, 2020

Affordability Initiative applications due:
December 11, 2020 (new families)

December 1st. 2020 (returning families)

Gan Applicants:

            Notification date on or before: February 26, 2021

Kindergarten Applicants:

            Notification date on or before: February 8, 2021

Elementary & Middle School (including Kindergarten) Applicants:

            Notification date on or before: February 5, 2021