Mission Statement

Beit Rabban is an innovative day school, creating a model of an open Jewish learning community comprised of diverse Jewish families all passionately committed to Jewish life. At the heart of our education is a focus on the whole child and an interdisciplinary curriculum that empowers students to master the necessary skills for text-study and problem-solving. Children learn in small groups that emphasize critical inquiry, experiential learning, self-reflection and collaboration. Beit Rabban graduates are responsible and respectful citizens, well equipped for rigorous academic environments and beyond as lifelong Torah learners and independent thinkers.

Core Values

  • Beit Rabban values diversity of opinion as a tenet of the Jewish tradition and students are encouraged to honor and respect the views of others.
  • Beit Rabban is progressive in orientation, constantly culling from the best of current academic practices.
  • Our faculty recognizes the spark in each child, nurtures creative expression of all kinds, and empowers students to become agents of their own learning.
  • Hebrew language is at the core of our curriculum. Beyond mastering the Hebrew of ancient Jewish texts, students learn to read, write and speak modern Hebrew as a second near-native language, organically integrated into the school day.
  • Beit Rabban engages students in a dynamic relationship with Israel and emphasizes its significance to the Jewish people, history and practice.
  • Our classroom environment encourages children to authentically respond to their learning, with teachers fostering students' moral, spiritual and intellectual growth.
  • Beit Rabban students learn the value of meaningful community service and are encouraged to create and participate in class- and school-wide service projects.
  • Beit Rabban creates a caring community and actively supports the endeavor of parenting.