Top 10 Reasons to Participate!

May 24, 2019

Beit Rabban's Annual Gala, Manna from Heaven, is next Thursday!

Top Ten Reasons to Participate in Manna from Heaven:

  1. We are celebrating the multifaceted culture and cuisine of our tradition. Expect passed cholent, jachnun and latkes; an appetizing station; and a Moroccan mimouna for dessert. 
  2. Our students are inspiring, and they are ALL featured in videos throughout the evening.
  3. The presentation portion is less than 30 minutes and features one of our honorees Rabbi Felicia Sol, Beit Rabban parent and amazing speaker.
  4. The online auction and student art raffle are fabulous this year. The student art is MOMA-worthy, and not the weird sort of MOMA-worthy. 
  5. We are honoring the BIG machers this year: all Beit Rabban parents who work on behalf of the Jewish community as rabbis, educators, social justice advocates and non-profit professionals. They don't get celebrated all that often, and they deserve it.
  6. A henna artist will be spreading good luck, protecting us against the evil eye, and decorating our hands. What a safe way to get out some of the midlife crisis that may be brewing within you!
  7. All Beit Rabban parents are invited no matter what they can pay. If you can pay for tickets and make an additional gift, please do. If you are a Beit Rabban parent and the ticket price is beyond your reach, just let us know. 
  8. Did we mention the Arak Guy (actual name) will be joining us for a local, small-batch Arak tasting?
  9. We will stop emailing you once you RSVP.
  10. We are in this together! Our community shows up in times of need and in times of celebration. There are never enough smachot, so let's go all in on this one!