Tired & Fulfilled after a Very Manhattan Week!

May 23, 2019

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Dear Beit Rabban Community,

With this Shabbat we close out a week of intensive and fun learning across Manhattan. We are, indeed, maximizing our boundless campus that is New York City. This week our elementary students visited the Lower East Side, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum, all field trips aligned with their interdisciplinary studies. Our Pre-K class is deep into their study of Central Park and spent the week hiking and discovering, including a serious trek all the way to "The Pool" at 103rd Street. Thank you to all our wonderful chaperones who have joined us this week and who are scheduled to join the many field trips over the weeks to come.

This week also brought immense beauty and learning within the walls of our 86 Street campuses, including the culmination of our Third Grade's kindness project, named (by the Students) "Dude, Be Kind!" They shared their learnings with younger classes through books, posters, and presentations. Our 4 year old Gan class has also been working within Beit Rabban to impact the way we handle ourselves and our interactions with each other. Their spring emergent curriculum unit is focused on writing books that help solve problems. Just today, I read one of their original books entitled "The Sad Naomi Book," which provided insightful tips for separating from family members. Look out for their book store grand opening within the next few weeks.

Looking ahead to next week, we are excited to share a fun-filled Lag Baomer on Thursday at our annual, whole-school spring field trip. This year we return to Camp Settoga for a day of outdoor exploration, team activities and artistic expression. And, of course, a communal kumzits wherein we sing our hearts out while our faces are covered in melted chocolate and marshmallow. Just like the kabbalists of yore intended.

We hope that you too had a rich week and are entering Shabbat with the sort of exhaustion that comes from fulfillment. 

Wishing all a relaxing and rejuvenating Shabbat,