The REAL Thanksgiving Parade…

November 27, 2019

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Today we culminated a month of GRATITUDE with a school-wide tefillah followed by our second annual Erev Thanksgiving Day Parade PARADE!
All of Beit Rabban, from preschool through middle school, paraded around our Upper West Side home delivering Shoeboxes-O-Thanks to community helpers, including stops at:

  • Librarians at the St. Agnes library, who we visit regularly
  • The Wild Bird Fund employees on Columbus Ave
  • Police officers at our local police station
  • Fire fighters at our local fire station
  • Baristas at Cafe Matto, where our teachers caffeinate
  • Staff at our local urgent care
  • A dentist in our neighborhood
  • Helen Rosenthal , our New York City Council Member
  • Elise and Laura , our office administrators
  • Carmello , our maintenance manager
  • Daniel , our security guard

The neighborhood helpers we visited were overwhelmed with gratitude at the experienced of being publicly recognized and thanked by Beit Rabban students and teachers. Between stops on our parade route, our students and staff sang songs and chants of gratitude and stopped to thank other people we noticed along the way. We thanked sanitation department workers, construction crews, crossing guards, police officers, caregivers, door men, yoga teachers, food truck workers and everyone else we encountered. We are so proud of our students for the joy they spread today as they delivered their boxes around the neighborhood. Cars honked in support, people waved, others cheered and wished us Happy Thanksgiving.
It obviously feels incredible to be thanked. The amazing thing that we all experienced today is that the act of thanking others feels even better. This is one of the most important lessons our children can learn.