The Load is Lighter if We Lift Together…

August 07, 2020

Dear Beit Rabban Community,

We have missed you all, and we cannot wait to reconvene as a community next month when we open Beit Rabban Ba'Binyan, in the "building." Don't worry, we will keep our weekly Shabbat B'Yachad assemblies online, so you do not need to be in the "binyan" to participate!
Our re-opening team, including the administration, board and COVID-19 Medical Advisory Committee, has been working together all summer to plan for a safe and healthy reopening for our students and staff. We are committed to meeting best practices in COVID-19 risk mitigation as well as in supporting our children's return academically and emotionally. We have even added a second location at Kehillat Romemu on 105 Street in order to meet square feet standards per student! You can learn more about our various efforts to open in-person in the Reopening Plan linked below. This is a heavy lift that we are very honored to hold on behalf of the community.

From additional space, to tenting, to rain gear, to technology, to professional development, to new furniture, to PPE and cleaning supplies, it's also a heavy financial lift to open school during a pandemic. The load is lighter when we lift together. Please consider helping us cover some of these new costs as we simultaneously increase tuition assistance. You can click here to sponsor a particular re-opening cost.


I also want to take the opportunity for much deserved hakarat ha'tov, gratitude:

  1. To our COVID-19 Medical Advisory Committee, Dr. Vicki Bengualid, Dr. Lisa Primus, and Dr. Michael Yaker, thank you for your endless hours of wisdom and support.
  2. To our Board of Trustees, thank you for making our administration and staff feel appreciated.
  3. To our parent body, thank you for continuing to communicate with generosity and respect even during these very anxious, trying times. We are grateful and honored that you entrust with your magical children.

Wishing all a restful and rejuvenating Shabbat,