Purim Sameach!

February 26, 2021

Chag Purim Sameach! Thank you to our whole community for a wonderful, day, week, and chodesh of celebration. A very, very special thank you goes out to the Beit Rabban Parents Association for organizing a virtual Megillah reading and magic show this morning and preparing fantastic Mishlaoch Manot for all Beit Rabban students and staff members. The theme of this year's Mishloach Manot was "comfy cozy" in honor of what some have called The Year of the Pajama (and by "some", I mean "me"). Enjoy this text study that was included with each Mishloach Manot on the theme of feeling comfortable. In the words of the Beit Rabban Parents Association, "As we enjoy the “comfy/cozy” feeling from these Mishloach Manot, let us work to build a community and world in which all people can live in both physical and emotional comfort because their identities are known, respected and valued by all."