Happy Surprises on Rosh Chodesh Adar!

February 12, 2021

Dear Beit Rabban Community,

Chodesh Tov! It’s finally here, the month of good luck, of joyful surprises, of people stepping up and making the world better when God’s face is hidden… the month of Adar, with Purim just 14 days away. In honor of Chodesh Adar, I’d like to kick off the festivities by sharing a couple unexpected, joyful tidbits.

First, please enjoy the beautiful music video linked below that our staff made in collaboration with Distant Cousins at the end of December, when we paused to take stock of the miracles of the past months and to celebrate the fact that we were actually open every day of the school year for all grades. This is a love song of sorts to our students, who inspire us every day and provide the most wonderful diversions during a very difficult time. We feel so lucky to be your teachers!

Second, I am delighted to announce that as of September 2021, Beit Rabban will have a new home at Romemu, 176 West 105th Street. As you know, we have spent the past several years shuttling between two campuses to accommodate our growing school. It has been a gift to have the Chativah and the bulk of the Kevutzot grades at Romemu this year. Both students and teachers have loved the beautiful and large classroom spaces, roof space, and easy access to parks and playgrounds. We are thrilled to make this space our permanent home. 

Grappling with a lack of space is a good thing. We are grateful for our school’s growth. This new space allows us to have more students per class and more classes under one roof. With some renovation over the summer, the Gan and Kevutzot will have more than enough space in the Romemu building that we currently occupy, and a final plan for the Chativah will be announced shortly. There is also opportunity for growth on the same block, so that although it isn't quite "all under one roof," we feel confident that this space will enable sustained growth in a way that continues to engender a strong Gan-8th grade community and also makes for easier drop off and pick up logistics for families with children in different grades. Romemu has been a fantastic partner already. They share a deep appreciation for our purpose, educating the "tinokot shel Beit Rabban," and we look forward to a long and productive partnership with them to this end.

We are thankful to SAJ for our many years of a strong partnership. We are also deeply grateful to all of you who have so nimbly accommodated as we expanded from our home base at SAJ, first down the block to the Jewish Center and this year uptown to Romemu.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank the members of our real estate committee who have worked so hard to bring us to this day and who will continue to hold the many responsibilities involved in the move and build out. In particular, a special thank you to Michelle Ender, Stacey Karp, and Nicole Weiss for countless hours of devoted work, and to former board chair Tali Rosenblatt Cohen, who has been leading this project since the day she joined the board a decade ago. Thank you also to the attorneys who have generously worked with us pro-bono on many a real estate matter over the years, including Beit Rabban parents Michelle Ender, Gustavo Bruckner and Joshua Olshin, and alumni parent, Seth Akabas.
We look forward to many years of growth and learning in our new home, and we cannot wait to welcome you for a Chanukat HaBayit as soon as COVID-19 rules permit.
May this month of Adar spark the sort of luck that turns difficult circumstances upside down and ushers in many happy surprises for each of us, for our community and for the world. In the meantime, we have a mitzvah to celebrate on Purim, so let’s get the party started!

Wishing all a restful, rejuvenating and FUN Shabbat,


"Watch You Fly" by Beit Rabban staff & Distant Cousins - Take a look at this! Beit Rabban staff got together and wrote and sang this beautiful song as a gift to their students.