The role of the Board of Trustees, comprised of parents past and present, alumni and engaged community members, is to help realize the vision and mission of Beit Rabban Day School.

Our Board of Trustees works closely with the Head of School to set the priorities for the school, chart a course for growth and to oversee the school’s finances. Board members support the school with their expertise, their dedication to the school and their financial resources. They are elected by the parent body every two years, and may serve for up to ten years.

The Board of Trustees welcomes your thoughts, questions and comments. To get involved with Board committees (Risk, Finance, Marketing, or Development) please email

  • Tali Rosenblatt-Cohen, Chair

  • Erika Adler Olshin, Vice-Chair

  • Rob Mank, Vice-Chair

  • Gustavo Bruckner, Treasurer

  • Shai Akabas

  • Lisa Minsky-Primus

  • Lev Polinsky

  • Debra Katz

  • Stacey Karp

  • Adit Sadan Samet

  • Steven I. Weiss

  • Michelle Ender